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Novelties and products
The Russian company is a manufacturer of a line of dental implants made of a unique Nano Ti material, surgical kits and orthopedic components. The Nano Ti material used by the company has a tensile strength of 1300 Mpa, which exceeds all known analogues. All technologies and materials are the developments of Russian scientists and are confirmed by patents of Russian and international level.
Implants with PEO surface
Manufacturer: Dental Synthesis
Scientific cooperation promoted the exchange of technologies between the countries of the former USSR, the USA and China. PEO technology has begun to be widely studied and introduced into industry around the world.
An important role in the development of PEO was played by Dr. Alexei Erokhin. His pioneering work in the late 90s in the field of plasma electrolysis of titanium alloy coatings showed the possibility of obtaining biocompatible coatings.
For 20 years, the number of articles in the field of PEO in the world's leading journals has increased from 5 to 700 per year.
In the 2000s, Nobel Biocare introduced TiUnite implants with a PEO-coated porous structure based on TiO2 with phosphorus.
Our PEO studies performed on human fibroblasts show a 20% increase in cell proliferation when using a PEO coating on titanium. Studies on FLEC and MG-63 cell lines showed an increase in the degree of cell proliferation by 40% on titanium. Animal studies show an increase in the proliferative activity of MSCs after 7 days by 55% when coated with PEO.
The effectiveness and worldwide acceptance of PEO coatings has led to the development and registration of Dental Synthesis implants with such coatings.