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Novelties and products
PHARMGEOKOM Group of Companies. Everything for dentistry and medicine!
Pharmgeocom Group of Companies was founded in 2001 and is the official representative of the world's largest manufacturers of medical and dental products in the Russian market. Our goal: To fulfill all your needs in the selection, purchase and further use of our products at an expert level.
KAPS microscope
Manufacturer: Karl Kaps GmbH (Germany)
5 reasons to choose a KAPS microscope:
Balancing system
Provides ultra-smooth, smooth and perfect
shift balance.
Smooth change of magnification
Only basic model CAPS microscopes can
have an apochromatic* smooth zoom module.
Selection of lighting systems.
Lighting blocks (in order of increasing illumination):
halogen, LED, metal halide, xenon.
Without microscope movements and change of working position
the treatment area always remains in the focus of the apochromatic
Vario lens thanks to smooth zooming
the distance, the reduction of which increases the object, and
increase decrease.
Upgrading from Basic to Better
The modular design concept allows us
upgrade any KAPS microscope to an even bigger one
high standards and creation of custom configurations.
Papaya 3D Plus - 4-In-1 Dental X-ray Imaging system
Manufacturer: Genoray Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
    Various Scan Mode
    With various scan modes of Panoramic, CT and Cephalometric*, assist in accurate diagnosis.
    FOVs of various sizes/resolutions. Take optimized images with minimal radiation exposure.
    Fast scan time reduces image distortion due to patient movement, and minimizes patient exposure with low dose. (*Optional).
    SMARF™ (Smart Metal Artifact Reduction Function) Minimize the affects of Metal artifact to prevent deterioration of image quality by prosthesis to provide optimal images.
    SMART MOVING CHINREST According to the scanning areas, the system will automatically adjust the chinrest and help more accurate positioning.
    By converting the acquired CT images to STL format, they can be used to
    design and manufacture dental prosthetic digital models.
  • POWERFUL SOFTWARE THEIA, TRIANA Integrated solution with Genoray Dental Software THEIA, TRIANA.
    Great diagnostic imaging with years of experience and know-how.
    The pride of Genoray, loved all over the world.
  • Certified authorized service center for bracelets "Pharmgeocom" and representative office of Genoray in the Russian Federation.
Warranty 2 years.
PORT-X IV - All-In-One Portable X-ray System
Manufacturer: Genoray Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
Lightweight, 1.5Kg provides the user easy to operate and to exposure with one hand.
PORT-X IV and I / O sensor * can be connected directly.
You can check the image on the 2.4-inch IPS LCD Display immediately after exposure.
Acquired images and patient information can be transmitted to the server PC and app via wifi.
* Our own sensor (GIX-1).
Superior FOCAL SPOT and high power provide clearer images.
Focal spot: 0.4 mm
Tube voltage: 70 kV
PORT-X IV can scan up to 400 times * with one full charge of the built-in battery. The SLEEP MODE function adjusts the amount of power consumed by the device for efficient battery management.
* Exposure time: 0.5 second
You can upgrade your firmware to the
latest version anytime in the Wifi environment.
[PortView for Mobile] Application supports patient imaging management (view, edit, save and manage).
Doctor Smile - dental laser
Manufacturer: Lambda S.p.A. (Italy)
Faster treatments, faster healing time, bloodless operations, less anesthesia, less pain: welcome to the perfect dental practice. The support of Wiser diode laser revolutionizes the quality of care for the wellbeing of the patient.
Implant system Ankylos
Manufacturer: Ankylos (Germany)
Ankylos is the implant system for those doctors who demand outstanding results. With over 30 years of proven clinical experience, our world-class innovative implant technology remains reliable and safe, and most importantly, fulfills the dream of many patients - to give them beautiful smiles.
The Pharmgeocom Group of Companies guarantees the supply of the entire range of Ankylos implant products. By purchasing Ankylos products from the Pharmgeocom Group of Companies, you can be sure that you are purchasing original, high-quality and reliable designs from a well-known German manufacturer, which is a paramount factor when it comes to such as important as caring for people.