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Novelties and products
«MedMos Trading House», the leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, opens a new business line – the production of dental units. The equipment is designed for all types of therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical work in the dentistry.
Med-Mos CQ-218 Style
The Med-Mos CQ-218 Style dental unit is new in 2023. This model is an excellent option for value for money. The materials used in production, as well as the well-thought-out ergonomic design, meet all the needs of a dentist. Design features and manufacturing materials are designed and selected for maximum comfort of the patient, doctor and assistant. The functionality of the CQ-218 Style dental unit significantly reduces the complexity of processes, and also improves the accuracy and quality of work.
Med-Mos CQ-219-Implant
The Med-Mos CQ-219-Implant dental unit is distinguished by advanced functionality, a focus on surgical operations and implantology, the most thoughtful configuration and a high level of comfort for both the doctor and the patient. This model in the basic configuration is equipped with a surgical shadowless lamp, an intraoral camera, as well as a patient monitor for monitoring and measuring the vital signs of patients: heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, body temperature, non-invasive blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, mean).
Med-Mos CQ-219-LF
Dental unit Med-Mos CQ-219-LF is an excellent embodiment of stylish and functional equipment for your dental practice. This model is made only of high-quality materials which have long service life and are unpretentious in service. The indisputable advantage of the Med-Mos CQ-219-LF dental unit is the possibility of attaching the hydraulic unit both on one side and on the other side of the patient's chair, which allows you to assemble the unit in a design that is convenient for both a right-handed dentist and a left-hander.