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Novelties and products
Geosoft Dent is a Russian trading and manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of dental equipment. The company has been successfully operating in the dental market of Russia, near and far abroad since 1990. Products under the Geosoft Dent brand have proven themselves well among dentists and dental technicians.
Dental complex ESTUS
Dental complex ESTUS – unique CORDLESS dental complex for multi-stage instrumentation of endodontic treatment.

Basic components of ESTUS complex:
  • ESTUS MULTI control unit and associated functional devices:
  • 6 functional handpieces for diagnostics, preparation, ultrasound tooth canal processing and obturation of root canals and dental restoration;
  • apexlocator for apical constriction localization;
  • pump for irrigation during canal preparation using SAF files.
  • Highly flexible system configuration – the delivery set is formed at a customer's choice
  • Possibility of functionality extention – by purchasing additional functional devices
  • Ability to operate and support up to 10 functional devices
  • Automatic detection of the functional device in use and activation of the appropriate mode on the ESTUS MULTI display
  • ESTUS MULTI 5-inch colour touchscreen display with user friendly navigation for all functional devices
  • Absence of interruptions between treatment stages due to possibility of preparation for the next stage during the current one
  • Unified control and indication algorithm for all functional handpieces makes operation easy and comfortable
  • Maximal operational convenience due to the only handpiece control button – ring type. Comfortable for both left- and right-handers
  • Prevention of accidental switch on due to restriction of working zone (upper 180°) of ring button
  • Easily replaceable powerfull (1600 mAh) standard battery units always keep the all functional devices in operating condition
  • Work place optimization solution due to the minimal equipment in use
  • Stable connection between ESTUS MULTI control unit and the functional devices by the radio channel
  • Возможность работы любого функционального устройства как в составе комплекса «ESTUS», так и автономно при отсутствии блока управления «ESTUS MULTI»