Gavin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
(Hall 7, P96.4)

Novelties and products
Gavin Biotechnology Со., Ltd is а global manufacturer of endo files, dental obturation, dental instrument and small equipment. Covering а workshop of 2000 square meters, we produce six millions root canal files yearly. Our manufacturing facility was awarded both ISO 13485 and FDA mark certification. We have а R&D team of more than 10 top notch specialists to provide technical training and support. Our core mission is to continuously improve and supply high quality products.
Classic 1
Manufacturer: Gavin Biotechnology Со., Ltd.
Heat-treated premium NiTi material
Amazing flexibility
Non-cutting tip enhance safety
High cutting efficiency
Compatible to current system and technique
Classic 2
Manufacturer: Gavin Biotechnology Со., Ltd.
Available in various tip diameters
Perfectly designed
Easy identification
High Efficiency
Great Flexibilit
Manufacturer: Gavin Biotechnology Со., Ltd.
Highest quality material
Accurate points for root canals
Excellent radiopacity
ISO standardized tapers & sizes
Length Marked