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Novelties and products
The Dental Guru Group of companies has been operating in the dental market of Russia and neighboring countries for more than 10 years, includes a network of research clinics, a implantshop, a consulting agency and an educational Academy for dentists.
Dental Guru is the exclusive representative of the universal implantation system IMPRO (Germany). In addition to the production of implants, it is the production of osteoplastic (ImproBone), impression materials (ImproViser) and instruments.
Dental Guru Implantshop is a dealer of the Warantec implantation system.
IMPRO RESPECT - implant system
Manufacturer: impro Germany GmbH
The IMPRO RESPECT system is a German premium implant designed specifically for use in complex clinical cases.
There are 4 types of implants in the line:
• Respect Split (diameters 3.5 and 4.0mm) are recommended for implantation in narrow comb splits.
• Respect Wide (diameters 4.5 to 5.5 mm) are recommended for soft bone type D3 and D4, wide socket and immediate loading.
• Respect Super Wide (diameters 6.0 to 8.0 mm) are recommended for implantation in soft bone type D3 and D4, for immediate loading and in very wide sockets.
• Respect Ultra Short (length 5.5 mm) are recommended for implantation without sinus lift in conditions of lack of vertical bone volume.
IMPRO LIGHT - implant system
Manufacturer: impro Germany GmbH
The Impro Light implant system is recommended for simple clinical cases, for flapless operations in D1 bone.
System Features:
• Due to the rounded neck of the implant, the cortical plate of the bone does not experience stress, and therefore does not dissolve.
• The insertion depth of the implant is easily controlled due to the cylindrical shape of the implant neck.
• Loss of vertical bone is minimal due to reduced stress in the precervical region.
• Innovative SuperH implant surface treatment and biological threading promote accelerated osseointegration.
IMPRO MINI - implant system
Manufacturer: impro Germany GmbH
Types of Impro Mini implants:
Mini-implants for cement fixation.
Mini implants with ball lock.
Features of the Impro Mini line:
The SuperH surface of Impro Mini implants can significantly accelerate osseointegration. Aggressive self-tapping thread contributes to optimal primary stabilization.
Cement-retained mini-implants are designed to fix removable and non-removable prostheses. Implants of this type avoid bone grafting.
Ball-lock mini-implants are designed to fix removable dentures. They can be used as a temporary support for an immediate prosthesis while conventional implants heal.
    IMPRO IMPLANTEM - implant system
    Manufacturer: impro Germany GmbH
    Advantages of the Impro Implantem implant system for surgeons:
    1. Versatility:
    - the ability to use with any type of bone;
    - the ability to install the implant both on the lower and upper jaw.
    2. Platform switching.
    3. The implant can be installed simultaneously with the sinus lift (even with a bone height of only 2-3 mm).
    4. Ability to carry out implantation with immediate loading.
    5. Simple and clear surgical protocol.
    6. Convenient compact surgical kit.
    7. The implant driver without seals ensures secure fixation of the implant during removal from the package and during implantation.
    8. Double thread on the body of the implant and a square thread on the neck of the implant help to reduce trauma to the bone tissue during implant insertion.
    9. 28 sizes of implants.
    10. Easy and almost bloodless insertion of the gingiva formers
    11. Double three-dimensional etching forms nano-roughness with deep caverns, which greatly accelerates osseointegration and ensures its reliability and durability.
    IMPRO DEEP THREAD - implant system
    Manufacturer: impro Germany GmbH
    IMPRO Deep Thread implants are designed to improve the primary stability of implants in soft bone (D3-D4). By increasing the surface area of the implant, the area of contact between the implant and the bone tissue also increases.
    Deep carving, penetrating the spongy bone tissue, contributes to better primary stability.
    When installing a conventional IMPRO implant sized 4x10 in soft bone, it is possible to achieve primary stability of no more than 30 Ncm, and when installing an IMPRO implant with protruding threads, by increasing the surface area, it is possible to achieve primary stability up to 50-55 Ncm.
    WARANTEC - implant system
    Manufacturer: Warantec co., Ltd
    The main features of the system:
    • Adaptable self-tapping implant threads to reduce stress
    • Implant design combines straight and conical shapes
    • Implants meet the new concept of primary stability
    • Surface S.L.A. guarantees accelerated osseointegration.
    The design of Warantec IU implants combines a cylindrical thread profile with a tapered implant body. Due to the fact that the point of maximum compression is located 3 mm below the cortical layer of the bone, bone resorption is prevented. At the same time, the square thread located in the upper part of the implant (cortical and subcortical regions) allows excellent primary stabilization even in soft bone and reduces spatial stress in the cortical region.
    Silimpress – new generation impression material
    Manufacturer: ImproVizer
    With the unique properties of the Silimpress impression material, you can make the most accurate impressions of both teeth and implants:
    • Excellent recovery after deformation.
    • High hydrophilicity.
    • Good visibility of the smallest details.
    • Optimum working time.
    • Prints can be stored for a long time without deformation.
    • The versatility of the material allows you to take impressions of both your own teeth and implants.
    IMPRO BONE - osteoplastic materials
    Manufacturer: ImproBone
    IMPRO BONE osteoplastic materials are used for the fastest regeneration of tissues in the patient's oral cavity after surgical interventions.
    • TCP
    Impro Bone TCP is a porous synthetic ceramic designed to fill bone defects. The material consists of beta-tricalcium phosphate.
    • BCP
    Impro Bone HRV is a porous synthetic ceramic containing calcium phosphate designed to fill bone defects. Ceramics are made up of a mixture of two types of calcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite.
    Osteoplastic material Impro Bone HRV complies with Halal standards (HALAL).