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The 51 Moscow international dental forum and exhibition "Dental-Expo 2021"
Organiser of the fair
The Dental-Expo is held every year in Moscow and is organised by the DENTALEXPO
IEC "Crocus Expo", pavilion 2, halls 7, 8
GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 55 ° 49'9.86 "N (55.819405)
Longitude: 37 ° 23'11.49 "E (37.386524)
Product segments
  • Dental practice
  • Dental laboratory
  • Infection control and maintenance
  • Services, information, communication and organisation
Date of the events
  • 25-28 April 2022
Opening hours for visitors
  • 25 April 10:00 - 18:00
  • 26 April 10:00 - 18:00
  • 27 April 10:00 - 18:00
  • 28 April 10:00 - 14:00
Anyone who is directly related to the dental business, dental technology and products.
Statistics 2019
  • Exhibitors 2020: 339
  • Gross exhibition space: 22700
  • Visitors: 21220
Information from the Russian Federal Health Service
The Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare informs that according to Art. 38 of the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 No. 323-ФЗ "On the Basics of Protecting the Health of Citizens in the Russian Federation" and the Federal Law of 04/12/2010
No. 61-ФЗ "On the circulation of medicines" on the territory of the Russian Federation, circulation of medical products and medicines registered in the established manner is permitted.
Please note that in the territory of the Russian Federation for the sale of counterfeit, counterfeit, substandard and unregistered medicines, medical devices and the sale of counterfeit biologically active additives, if these actions do not contain signs of a criminal offense, administrative liability is provided for in accordance with Article 6.33 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation , as well as criminal liability in accordance with Article 238.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
At the same time, we inform that the maximum penalty for an administrative offense under Article 6.33 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses entails the imposition of an administrative fine of up to five million rubles, and for persons committing a crime in accordance with Article 238.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation shall be punished by imprisonment for up to twelve years.
The acquisition, storage and use of unregistered medical devices and medicines entails the potential threat of harm to an unlimited number of citizens.
Persons engaged in the acquisition, storage and use of unregistered medical devices and medicines are actually accomplices of unlawful actions, for which administrative law provides for administrative and criminal liability.
We urge you to pay special attention to the need to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation when working at the exhibition.

Information for exhibition visitors
Rules for visiting the exhibition
Distribution of advertising and information products, presentations, demonstrations, campaigns and any similar events without the written permission of the Organizer is prohibited.
Smoking in the exhibition halls, toilets and lounges of Crocus Expo IEC is strictly prohibited.
Employees of the organizing company and the security service of the exhibition have the right to prevent the following persons from entering the exhibition:
- citizens of an asocial kind;
- citizens with signs of viral diseases
- citizens in untidy clothes;
- citizens with wheeled trolleys, large bags, bags, etc .;
- citizens with signs of alcohol and other intoxication;
- citizens who behave aggressively and pose a potential danger to exhibition guests and exhibitors.
Security officers have the right to require the visitor to present things for inspection, without violating his rights and legitimate interests.
In case of violation of these Rules, the Organizer has the right to refuse a visitor who has committed a violation to visit the exhibition without any compensation and to demand to leave the exhibition area.
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) on the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to ensure that precautionary measures are observed, as well as preventive and disinfection measures when visiting exhibition and Congress events:

* The event participant instructs employees on compliance with security measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection, including the use of disinfectants.

* Every day, before admission to the event venue, the Organizer, together with representatives of the Crocus Expo IEC, monitors the body temperature of employees involved in the preparation and conduct of the event, with mandatory suspension from the workplace of persons with elevated body temperature and/or signs of an infectious disease.

* The participant ensures that employees comply with the recommendation to drop 1.5 meters both during the installation / dismantling works and during the event.

* It is forbidden to eat on the exhibition territory if the participant's stand does not have a specially designated area for eating. The exhibitors can eat on the food-courts of Crocus Expo IEC.

* The participant is obliged to provide the personnel working at the event site with a stock of personal respiratory protection equipment (disposable masks, respirators) and gloves (based on the duration of the work shift and the change of masks and gloves at least once every 24 hours), skin antiseptics for hand treatment, and also monitors the use of protective masks and gloves by employees during the exhibition event.
Sample of instructions on measures to prevent new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) at the exhibition

In connection with the strengthening of measures for carrying out sanitary, anti-epidemic and preventive measures at the exhibition, we kindly ask you to observe the following precautions:

1. Daily measure your body temperature at the entrance to the exhibition hall and during the working day (according to indications) using devices for measuring body temperature in a non-contact or contact way.

2. Follow the rules of personal and public hygiene: wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after returning from the street, after contact with strangers; treat your hands with skin antiseptics intended for this purpose (including using dispensers installed at the entrance to the organization (enterprise)), or disinfecting wipes - throughout the working day, after each visit to the toilet.

3. Disinfect gadgets, office equipment, and surfaces that you touch on the stand.

4. If possible, Limit the greeting to close hugs and handshakes.

5. While at the exhibition, be sure to wear gloves and a mask. Masks are recommended to be changed every 2 hours.

6. If you have symptoms of a viral infection (high body temperature, chills, headache, weakness, nasal congestion, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, conjunctivitis, in some cases there may be symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), immediately notify your immediate supervisor and leave the workplace, go home.

7. Make sure that all visitors to the stand are wearing masks and gloves. If the stand visitor does not have a mask, ask them to wear a mask.

8. Keep a social distance of 1.5 m when communicating with colleagues and visitors to the stand. Keep track of the social distance between stand visitors.

9. It is strictly forbidden to send brochures, samples or sell products to the visitor without a mask and gloves.

10. It is forbidden to eat in the workplace. Meals are served in the staff dining room or a dedicated room according to a pre-set schedule, food-court at Crocus-Expo IEC taking into account the distance of 1.5 meters.
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